Into the Unknown

IMG_0367[1] After spending a night at Lock 12, Shannon McCarthy is able to escape the clutches of the local constable and catches a ride on another canal boat, this one carrying prisoners from the Amistad who passed through this lock in 1839. The boat heads up the Farmington Canal, carrying our hero into her future as she explores our past, and we find ourselves at an important literary and geographical intersection. For it is here, as you may or may not recall, on the banks of the Farmington Canal, somewhere between Cheshire and Southington, CT that our story stalls. Right around 25,000 words.

Ironically, just a mile or so up the trail is where the Farmington Canal trail also stalls. Construction of an approximately four mile section of the trail that begins on Cornwall Avenue in Cheshire, and ends in Southington is due to begin in 2015 and be completed by 2017. Currently this part of the trail is heavily overgrown and has vanished beneath the brush. On the northern side of this wilderness, in the Plantsville section of Southington, the trail picks up again.

So as Shannon continues her exploration in search of her father, we too will continue to explore the “uncharted territory” in search of Shannon’s story. But we’ll have hop in the car and drive up to Southington to catch up with Shannon as we hit the trail again and continue our journey northward.



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